ITT International Tank Transports was established in 1991 in cooperation between Heinz Keutmann Mineral Oil Transports and ATV Holland ( Asphalt Tank Vervoer ).

Both companies had already been active in this business for many years.

The Managers in those times were Marcel de Kuiyer ( ATV ) and Hans Keutmann , a third-generation logistic manager.

After selling ATV to the Schenk Group, Hans Keutmann took over 50% of the shares of ATV and is leading the business as the General Partner / CEO.

The orientation of the enterprise is focused on special transports. Acid, lubricants and liquid waste have been our key competences until today.

The introduction of the business complies with the needs and wants of our customers. The creation of added value is our aim.

We pay attention to quality, safety and environmental protection, always keeping human beings in the centre of attention.