ISO 9001:2008

We stand for reliability, cleanliness, punctuality and lastingness. Our up-to-date fleet is state-of- the art ( Euro 5 Technique).
For safety and consumption reasons our vehicles are limited to top speed.
Our quality management is ISO 9001:2008-certified.



ADR / Dangerous goods

Regarding dangerous goods we are supported by well trained colleagues of the DEKRA GmbH who are responsible for those goods.

In the range of occupational safety and occupational health we also work together with DEKRA and we permanently seek their advice.




To guarantee the safety of our customers as well our own in the best possible way, we are extensively insured.

We subscribed for the following insurances:

  • Third-Party Insurance, fully comprehensive,
  • Freight Insurance,
  • Environmental Liability,
  • Legal Costs Insurance,
  • Water Protection Insurance,
  • Personal Liability Insurance.


If you have an interest, we will gladly send you the relevant insurance policies.